Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cottonwood Lake in Colorado


This is a beautiful photo of Cottonwood Lake near where we camped earlier this week. We took a 3 day jaunt over here so Mike could scout for mountain goat. It's about a 4 hour drive from our home.
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On Top of the World!

Here are a few pictures that Mike took on one of his scouting excursions near Mt. Princeton. He was hiking at about 13,000+ feet in search of the elusive mountain goat that he plans to hunt in September. Mike says that a person feels very close to God up there.


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Ghost Town - St. Elmo, CO

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Feeding the Chipmunks

While on our camping/scouting trip, we took an afternoon and visited St.Elmo - a ghost town which used to be a silver and gold mining town. There are hundreds of chipmunks and many hummingbirds now inhabiting the town. Feeding the chipmunks was the highlight of the kids' trip!



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Katie and Hunter at South Cottonwood Creek

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NY Vacation - Boldt Castle

We were able to have a wonderful visit with my family and friends in Upstate NY for 10 days in June. Here are a few pictures of our day trip to the 1,000 Islands to see Boldt Castle. Boldt Castle was built around 1903 but was never quite completed - such a sad story. 77 years later restoration began on the never lived-in castle.
On our way to the 1,000 islands, we stopped to look at this neat osprey nest!
Here is a view of Boldt Castle from across the St. Lawrence River. We were waiting to board the ferry that would take us to the castle.
This building is called the "Playhouse". There is a bowling alley in the basement!
The kids (mine and my brother Greg's) posing on a rock with the clock tower in the background.
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Picnicking at Beaver Reservoir


Our first family outing (in June) after I finally began to feel better. It was a long haul, but I'm back to relative normalcy. (My friends would question this:)
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