Monday, April 27, 2009

Ear Update

Just a quick update on my ear - Mike and I leave tomorrow for Denver for my pre-op visit. My surgery is scheduled for 2:30 on Wednesday afternoon. I'm not certain of all the details but do know that the surgeon will be removing scar tissue which is now closing off my ear canal; replacing my thickened eardrum with a skin graft; removing a (possible) clostiotoma from behind my eardrum; removing alot of extra bone that has grown in my middle ear; possibly replacing my stapes-incus prosthesis; and giving my middle ear a thorough cleaning. Hopefully everything is OK in my inner ear. He won't know for sure until he gets in there. I'm quite nervous about it all, as I don't do well with the pre-surgery routine. Usually I pass out or go into shock after getting the IV. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated:) Recovery time is about 3 weeks. My mom has been here for almost 2 weeks now helping out, and she will stay for another week following my surgery. What a blessing she has been!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mike's Spring Turkey




After several truly grueling days of turkey hunting, Mike finally shot his turkey this morning. (I'll try to persuade him to write more details later on:) Congratulations to my husband! We had a delicious turkey stir-fry tonight for supper.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Weekend

Hunter turned 5 years old on Saturday!

Hunter and Katie on Easter Sunday morning.


Katie hugging Daddy after she sees her birthday present:)
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

200 Inch Mule Deer Sheds


Finally, after several years of antler hunting, and many, many miles of hiking, I finally found a big set. Each antler scores 90 inches, with an inside spread of 20", making this a 200" buck! And I'm going to be buck hunting this unit this Fall:)
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Have Returned!

Sorry for the VERY long hiatus. I haven't actually been anywhere - except to Denver to the ear specialist and the hospital for a CT Scan. Other than that, I have been hidden away here in my home with an overwhelming case of dizziness. I haven't been able to drive anywhere by myself for 6-7 weeks. To say that this was getting really old would be a considerable understatement! (My husband quite agrees - he despises going to the store!) But I should have the results in the next day or so, and my Mom is coming to rescue me in 9 days - yeah! "Rescue" in the sense of helping clean my house, take care of my sorely neglected children, relieve my overworked husband, and give me some much needed adult, female companionship! (Sorry, Mom, but you did volunteer for the job:) Other than my physical ailments, the only other noteworthy excitement was Hunter's broken wrist. It was actually a buckle fracture that he obtained while doing an unsuccessful monkey impersonation - in other words, he fell off the top of the swingset! Never fear, he is already back to his primate practices - some people just never learn! I hope to give you a medical update soon. Until then...