Saturday, October 25, 2008

Katie's Fall Soccer Team 2008


Katie's team finished up a 3 game tournament today. Here team has come a long way this year and has done very well! Katie is a good defensive player, just like her Uncle Mike:) Congratulations, Katie, on a season well-played.
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Black Canyon





We went to the Black Canyon today. Paul and Dale are heading home in the morning and wanted to see some more of Colorado's beauty. Although they didn't get an elk, it's been a good trip. They hunted hard, and we all had fun. Katie cried herself to sleep tonight - she loves company! I really like this picture of Hunter!
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NY Hunters



We have 2 friends and hunters here right now from northern NY (my old stomping grounds) stalking the mighty wapiti (elk:)Paul and Dale arrived here around 12:30AM on Friday. So far, they have put in 2 1/2 days of hard - and I do mean hard - hunting. (Even Mike has been sore!) Mike is on his 7 day off rotation, so he has been able to guide the guys. Here are Paul, Dale, and the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Good luck, guys!
P.S. I (Kim) shot a doe late this morning, but forgot to get a picture. Here's to a little more meat in the freezer!
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mike!

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday. He is 34, and thinks he is getting old - boy, is he in for a shocker! Here are the top 34 I love about my husband (in no particular order:) - 1) He is a great Daddy! 2) He is a hard-worker 3) He is a wonderful provider 4) He is a strong Christian 5) He is a faithful church-goer 6) He reads his Bible everyday 7) He thinks I'm wonderful 8) He can "bring home the bacon", or turkey, or elk, or deer... 9) He can tell jokes for hours on end (and some of them are funny;) 10) He loves my mother 11) He cares about lost humanity 12) He is not ashamed of the Gospel 13) He witnesses to the guys he works with 14) He tells our kids some amazing stories 15) He supports homeschooling 16) He says I'm his favorite hunting partner (sorry, guys) 17) He's a great carpenter 18) He likes everything I cook 19) Sometimes he makes me breakfast in bed 20) There's not a lazy bone in his body 21) He doesn't ever get mad at me - even when I back our Explorer into our camper! 22) He loves to do things with his kids 23) He gives me all his money:) 24) He lets me stay home and raise our children 25) He is very giving 26) He's a great shot with a bow 27) He is not negative 28) He wants to do God's will 29) He says I'm his best friend 30) He looks great in camouflage - hubba, hubba;) 31) He really appreciates me 32) He is very handsome 33) He's younger than me, and, drum roll, please... #34) uhhh, some things you just can't blog about;) I love you, my wonderful, 34 year old husband! Happy Birthday!

Continue to Pray for Francis Weingard

Bro. Weingard has has trouble with bleeding in his nasal cavity. He has had to have it packed and repacked. The doctors now think this could be due to the carotid artery that was damaged in the accident. This is very serious, possibly life-threatening. Please continue to pray for him, his family, and the doctors involved.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall Decorating



The kids (and Daddy:) collected some beautifully colored branches for me to decorate with. Here is my favorite Fall arrangement - the kids are very proud of it!
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Fall Party


We had our annual Fall Church Party last evening at our house with 42 people in attendance! It was so much fun, even if it drizzled rain off and on! Our friend, Donn Cox, brought over and set up a self-designed awning, a volley ball net, and horseshoes. The guys shot trap and had a blast! We had a big campfire and roasted hot dogs. The ladies brought different kinds of soups and chili. It was definitely soup weather! We had cider, hot Autumn tea, cocoa, coffee, and lots of yummmy cookies. Some of the kids made S'mores. We ended the evening with a nice, long hay ride! What a great party! I forgot to take pictures most of the time, but here are the few times I remembered.
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Update on Bro. Weingard - written by his daughter, Heidi

Dad came through his 5 hour surgery on his arms amazingly well. The orthopedic surgeon came to talk to us and was very pleased with how things went. She was able to put his left arm back together using only one plate instead of two. She said she went through 3 drill bits putting the screws in, which made her very happy. His bones are very hard and strong. She repaired his right wrist with a metal plate. She also had to insert a pin, because the ligament was torn from his ulna. This pin should be removed in approximately 6 weeks.

Any wrapping and or casting on his left arm will be removed by Friday, at which time they will begin therapy. At that time his arm will be in a hinged splint. It was originally thought that Dad would only have 45 degree extension of his left arm, but the surgeon was able to extend it fully and therapy will be done with that goal in mind. The wrapping and casting on his right arm will be removed on Monday and therapy will begin.

The next 24 hours will be crucial as they cannot start to thin his blood again until 4:00 tomorrow morning. The surgeon was amazed at how well things went together. That was definitely an answer to prayer. The surgeon said she definitely felt the presence of God during surgery. The nurse said in regards to his brain bleed that she has never seen one stop and reverse as quickly as his did. They usually cause extensive brain damage. She agreed that it was definitely God, because there was nothing they could do to intervene. So A GREAT BIG THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS. God is good!!!

Written by: Heidi

Friday, October 3, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request, plus Update

I have a very urgent prayer request. Francis Weingard was in a serious car accident Thursday morning (October 2) and is in ICU at St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction, CO. He has multiple skull fractures, a serious compound fracture in his left arm, a compound fracture in his right wrist, and 3 broken ribs. His lungs and heart are badly bruised. His left lung is also partially collapsed. His right eardrum ruptured, as well as a blood vessel behind his nose. It was determined today that he did suffer a heart attack sometime after the accident. He had been on a blood thinner prior to the accident due to his heart, and that is causing some complications now. The doctors are also concerned about infection. Please pray for Bro. Weingard and his family during this time. He is still in critical condition.
Sunday - The doctors are concerned about bleeding in the brain, and think that the artery from Bro. Weingard's heart to his brain could be damaged. There is also concern that he could have another stroke. This could, of course, cause serious complications. There is no sign of infection in the left arm, and we do praise God for that! Please continue to pray.