Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Spring!

Yesterday it was 75 degrees here, and today we woke up to this! Springtime in the Rockies:)
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Mike's Spring Turkey



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Siding the Back of the House

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Highlighting the Highlights!

Katie and Hunter turned 8 and 6, respectively, last week. We had to go over to Denver for a checkup on my ear, so we celebrated birthdays by going to White Fence Farm for dinner and spending 5 hours the next day at Mr. Biggs/Fun City. We had such a wonderful time! At White Fence Farms, they brought out a birthday cake with helium balloons and sparklers and sang to the kids. They also gave a certificate for free fudge from their gift shop! The kids had a great time sliding down the 2-story slide (called the "Pig Chute"), feeding the sheep, goats, and ducks, and playing in their play area. At Mr. Biggs (AKA Fun City), we all had a blast playing in the "Ball Room" filled with thousands of balls that you could throw, shoot, propel, etc. all around a 3-story enourmous room. Hunter REALLY loved that! We also played miniature golf, bowled, and rode an indoor ride called "The Twister" (which Mike did NOT love, as he gets sick on any thing that goes around in circles). My mom has been here for almost 2 weeks, and we all have enjoyed having "Gram Gram" here, especially to help celebrate birthdays! We finished the master bedroom, and we absolutely love it! (Pictures forthcoming) It's also nice to not be sleeping in the den anymore. Next up, finish the laundry/utility room and begin remodeling the downstairs bathroom. And as for my ear - I got a good report from the doctor. YEAH! Everything seems to be stable in there, and my hearing has actually improved over the last few months. We are all very thankful to Jesus for this! Here are a few pictures that my mom has taken since being here in Colorado.
Hunter is playing soccer for the first time this Spring.

Katie, on her birthday - feeding a goat at White Fence Farm.

Hunter, on his birthday - dressed up for church.

Katie and Hunter playing on their birthday present.