Sunday, September 27, 2009

Autumn Photos

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Mike's Mountain Goat Hunt

I just returned from my Mountain goat hunt. It was the toughest hunt of my life. A couple of times I feared for my life and was praying all the way up (and back down!) that steep mountain. It took 4 hours to climb to the top where the goats were. On the backside of the mountain where I had to climb, there was snow. I had to lean on both my rifle and shooting stick to be able to lift my foot to take another step. I had to pick small rock out-croppings to get a foothold. It got so bad, I could not turn around and go back down, so I had to go up. When I finally reached the top, I spotted 6 goats bedded down, 258 yards away. I shot the only billy in the group. First shot was a double-lung hit. I was afraid he would fall 1,000 feet down the mountain, so I shot again hitting him in the shoulder. He fell and rolled a couple of times before stopping. Then the work continued. After skinning him, I put him in my pack. I wrapped the meat in a trash bag and my coat because I was not making another trip up the mountain. So, with about an extra 125 lbs. I found a wash, and slid down the other side of the mountain because it was impossible to stand up. And I feared for my life again. It was a hunt I will never forget. The pictures do not do these mountains justice. It was incredibly steep. (NOTE FROM WIFE: It's a good thing this was a once-in-a-lifetime hunt because I don't think I could let him do this again. Way to nerve-wracking!)

Here I am with the goat back at camp. I forgot to take the camera with me on the hunt.

The goats were in the saddle between the two peaks.

Here is a photo of where I was when I shot my Mountain Goat. I was at the very peak - 13,000+ feet.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Autumn!

Today is the first day of Fall, and the weather has finally cooled down here in Colorado. Last night it got down into the 30's, and the kids and I are wearing sweaters today! We love to celebrate things - so, of course, we are celebrating the beginning of our favorite season. So far today we have made leaf pictures, caramel apples, and pear bread. (Sorry no pictures - I need to get new batteries for my camera:( After lunch, we're going to Big B's to get some freshly pressed apple cider - YUM! We are leaving this Friday to go camping/hunting for Mike's once-in-a-lifetime mountain goat hunt. Hopefully we'll be posting some pictures soon!

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Brad and Brenda - Anna is beautiful! And to Matt and Lyndi - I hope you'll bring your little guy to visit us in Colorado!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mike's Bear





I filled my bear tag this morning on the mountain behind our house. I had to make a 500 yard shot. The bear weighed close to 300 pounds. My friend, Jamie, is here from Missouri with some friends to hunt, and he got to be with me for my bear hunt. A big thanks to Jamie and the guys for helping me get it out.
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