Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Past Midnight Musings

It was definitely a Monday! (I'm certainly glad we are now officially in to Tuesday!) The day started at 4:17am when Hunter came in our room because he was cold. The irony of this was that - due to remodeling - half our bedroom floor currently has no insulation (or anything else!) under it, and the sliding glass door in our bedroom is closed at the top, but is gapping about an inch at the bottom. BRRR! (Don't worry, Mom, all of this will be taken care of on Friday:) I couldn't go back to sleep because I knew Mike's alarm was due to go off at 5:15, so I just layed there watching the clock. I thought I would get tons accomplished since I had extra hours in which to work, but alas, all did not go as planned. Then, when Mike got home he told us he had gotten hurt at work - bruised or cracked ribs, which are, of course, very painful. After supper, there was a major problem with a clogged toilet (I don't even want to know what was stuck in there!). After which Hunter projectile vomited from the dining room to the kitchen just before bedtime. He has since thrown up 8 times and is currently sleeping fitfully of the couch. Needless to say, I see no sign of sleep for Mama on the horizon! But all is not lost!!! I get to update our blog at 1:00AM, and keep my wonderful friends and family abreast of all the chaotic happenings in our life! (I hope most of you know me well enough to realize that these are sleep deprived ramblings). But as I do not wish to put any of you in the depths of despair from the accounts of my day, let me add - I did accomplish about 3/4 of my to do list. I was very excited to receive a copy of the cabinet plans for our kitchen remodel. And most importantly, no matter what comes our way, we have the wonderful assurance that God will not put on us more than we are able to bear. He is in control, and we choose to believe Him in spite of any adverse circumstances which may come our way. Indeed, God is good all the time. May you all have a peaceful, restful night as I continue the watchful vigil over my wretching child. I'm glad God has promised strength for each day - I think I'll need a little extra tomorrow - today:)