Saturday, July 26, 2008

My best bargains yet!!!

Above you will find 2 packages of Malt-o-meal cereal, 1 box of Just Bunches cereal, 2 packs of CFL lightbulbs, 2 lbs. of peanuts, 6 packages of Kool-Aid, 4 bars of Johnson Buddies soap, 1 can of Muir Glen organic tomatoes, and a 10-pk. of Schick disposable razors. Drum roll, please............I paid $0.57! Definitely my best bargains yet! (Don't worry - I won't post all my shopping trips:)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Canning Apricots


Well, we finally "got 'er done"! But since it took several days for most of the apricots to ripen, I'm afraid the ones that were already ripe disappeared mysteriously - leaving us only enough to can 5 pints. Ah well, the kids had fun helping and learning about food preservation (and eating a multitude of ripened apricots - they're clean as a whistle:)
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Apricot Jam


Here is a collage of the kids making Apricot Jam today. We picked the apricots yesterday, but of course I forgot to get pictures then:( Hunter successfully used the knife without wounding anyone! We're hoping to can some apricots tomorrow.
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Bargains!

As some of you know, Mike and I are now HUGE Dave Ramsey fans (thanks, Jodi:) So, in order to save money to help pay off our "debt snowball", I've become an enthusiastic coupon-er! (With lots of help from the Couponmom and Money Saving Mom's blog!) Here are today's deals - of which I am very excited and proud, especially with the limited number of stores around here!

Here are 4 boxes of cereal and 4 1/2 lbs. of strawberries - my price $10.74 - a 53% savings! Katie and I are making jam tomorrow:)

For all of these items I spent $10.67! 10 spiral notebooks, 2 pair of scissors, 1 bottle of glue, 2 boxes of crayons, 1 pack of mechanical pencils, 1 package of Cheerios Snack Mix, 2 lbs. of Planters dry-roasted peanuts, 6 packets of Kool-Aid, 1 bottle of Pert Plus Shampoo, 1 can of organic diced tomatoes, 1 box popsicles, 1 box Kashi cereal, and 2 trial size Gold Bond Healing Lotion! Mike was very impressed, and I was very blessed!
***Not pictured (because it's still in the trunk) is a 34 lb. bag of Purina Dog Chow that I got for $8.99 - normally $21.49! Gooooooooooooo, team!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!


We've had a fun day! Paonia always has Cherry Days July 3-5th. The 4th of course is the BIG day. We didn't get in all the activities (there are tooooooo many!), but we did go to the parade - which lasted about 45 minutes! The kids raked in about 5 lbs. of candy between them. Of course, I forgot my camera, but it was a great parade with clowns, bands, old tractors and cars, lots of horses, ponies, miniature donkeys, etc. And best of all - lots of candy:) Then, we went to a U-Pick orchard and picked 7 lbs. of Rainier cherries (Mike's personal favorite)! I think we have about 5 lbs. left. This afternoon, the kids and I went to an Ice Cream Social at the old Bowie Schoolhouse Museum. We also got to tour the museum for free, which the kids loved! I don't think we'll catch the fireworks tonight because, although Hunter is basically back to normal and doing wonderfully, he still is requiring some extra sleep. Here's wishing all of you a stupendous 4th of July. We praise the Lord for all of the freedoms that we enjoy!
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